About Me

doug_sm.jpgI’m basically a “sand-between-my-toes” kind of guy. I grew up in south Florida, served an extended tour in the USAF as a B-52 crew chief during the Vietnam war, attended a string of colleges before piecing together enough credits for a degree in business, started and sold two companies and still serve as CEO of a third. Now semi-retired, I serve on a couple of boards, do some independent consulting and am involved with various charities. 

An outdoor enthusiast and avid scuba diver, I enjoy exotic travel and photography which allow me to photograph marine wildlife and nature in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. I’ve also been a yachting enthusiast and private pilot for much of my life although I’m at the moment “between boats and planes.”

In 2001, I married my best friend and soul mate, an amazing woman who encourages (tolerates?) my “equipment intensive” endeavors and loves me anyway.  And I’m blessed with four loving children and four delightful grandchildren, all of whom make me very proud.  


About this Website

Inessential Musings is an eclectic personal journal about things I find interesting or amusing with an emphasis on photography, art (in its various forms), travel and “the good life.” Despite my efforts to avoid it, I occasionally succumb to political pontification and the occasional “rant.” If these offend you, my advise is to not read them.

Interaction on the site is encouraged. You may add your comments to posts with which you agree (or disagree), participate in discussion threads with other readers, or just read the postings and comments of others in the privacy of your own cubicle.

In any event, I’m glad you dropped by and hope you’ll visit often.